How do I sign up for my class package?

You can choose a package on our website or contact your studio of choice and they can process it!

Do I have to start with the 4-class package?

Absolutely not! Whatever works best for you. You can always upgrade or downgrade your package.

How do I get my buddy pass for my buddy to attend class with me?

Just email your studio manager at least 24 hours before the preferred class! You can bring a buddy 4 times per month.

What if I don't use all my classes in 1 month? Do they roll over?

No, they reset every month based on the package you currently have.

Which class package should I sign up for? 4-class, 8-class, or 12-class?

Ultimately, it depends on your workout goals and what kind of workout regimen you want to follow. How do you want to fit [solidcore] into that regimen? If you want to take 1 class per week go for the 4-class package. If you want take class twice a week then go for the 8-class package. If you want to really challenge yourself go for the 12-class package (3 classes/week)! And remember... you can always upgrade if you want some more!

I currently have a 10-class package. Can I upgrade to the 12-class package?

YES! You’ll get 2 additional classes at a discounted rate, which can be used to bring a buddy as well. And you get a discount towards retail!

Can I upgrade from the 4-class package to the 12-class package?

Yes, you can. Contact your studio manager and they will process this for you for the following month.

What if I use all of my classes in my package before 1 month?

You’re a rockstar! You can purchase additional classes at your package's discounted rate.

What if the system won't let me book my class next month, how do I cancel?

Contact your studio manager and they can cancel the package for you.