How do I sign up for my class package?

You can sign up for the package of your choice on our website at your studio’s page or you can contact your studio manager and they can process it for you!

Do I have to start with the 4-class package?

Absolutely not! You can choose to start with whichever package you feel is best for your workout routine. You can continue at that class package amount or you can bump up to the next tier. You can also downgrade to a smaller class package amount.

How do I get my buddy pass for my buddy to attend class with me?

Email your studio manager within 24 hours before the class so that we can process and provide your friend with the discounted rate class. You can bring a buddy up to 4 times per month.

What if I don't use all my classes in 1 month? Do they roll over?

They do not. Your classes reset each month based on the package you currently have.

Which class package should I sign up for? 4-class, 8-class, or 12-class?

Ultimately, it depends on your workout goals and what kind of workout regimen you want to follow. How do you want to fit [solidcore] into that regimen? Do you want to strengthen, lengthen, and tone? Do you want to make the [solidcore] workout your main exercise? Then, the 12-class package (3 classes/week) is perfect for you. Do you want to take [solidcore] twice per week? Then, the 8-class package is what you should go for! You can always upgrade to the 12-class package if you want some more of the good stuff!! Do you want to incorporate [solidcore] into your weekly mix of exercise routines? Do you already run and take other fitness classes heavily? Try the 4-class package (1 class per week) and then you can always upgrade as you start to drink the [solidcore] Kool-aid :).

I currently have a 10-class package. Can I upgrade to the 12-class package?

Yes!!! This is the best option for you because you will get 2 additional classes and at a discounted rate per class! You will also have the additional benefit of bringing a buddy to class for the discounted rate per class and you will have a discount towards retail.

Can I upgrade from the 4-class package to the 12-class package?

Yes, you can. Contact your studio manager and they will process this for you for the following month.

What if I use all of my classes in my package before 1 month?

You’re a rockstar! You can purchase additional classes at your discounted rate.

What if the system won't let me book my class next month, how do I cancel?

Email your studio manager and they will cancel the package for you.