what is [solidcore] at-home

With [solidcore] at-home, take a live, 50-minute, 20-person group class with a coach via Zoom. Our classes are small, so you get personalized attention. We have several classes a day with different coaches to choose from. We’ll give you modifications and form corrections to help you get the most out of your workout.

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We deliver [results] by breaking down your muscle fibers. Sound intense? It is, but we give them time to recover and adapt, which is exactly how your body pushes through plateaus. Here’s a little taste of what you’ll get!

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what you’ll need

Nothing special required for class! If you don’t have weights, wine bottles and cans work great; for sliders - paper plates, plastic plates or dish towels will do! If you would like to up your equipment game, these are a few items we recommend - a mat, sliders & weights

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standard classes

full body

This is our signature 50-minute at-home workout class that will have you working muscles in your body to failure. Your coach will guide you through a carefully crafted, high-energy sequence that will give you the most efficient and effective workout of your life. If you’re new to working out or If you workout on a regular basis, your coach will give you modifications, form corrections, and amplifications to help you get the most out of your workout.

muscle-specific classes

core + lower body

30 minutes of intense core and lower body moves. This is a great class for or for those who are looking to amplify their core strength and fire up their lower body with limited time. Lunch time sweat anyone?!

core + upper body

30 minutes of exclusively upper body and core based moves. Need a rest day for your glutes and hammies? Or are you looking to pay extra attention to your upper body and abs, this is the class for you!

upper & lower body

50 minutes of upper body and lower body focus. This class begins with a brief core warm up and no obliques. This class is great if you’re pregnant or if you want the strongest buns & guns on the block.

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[solidcore] at home is our signature 50 minute full body class experience designed to get your body to the second stage of muscle failure… in your living room! Stay accountable and connected to our [strong] community with [solidcore] at home!

Click here to create an account. After you’ve created a new account you can log in using your new credentials and the studio location “at-home” on our new [solidcore] app. Then you can view our schedule of live classes and sign-up with your [solidcore] at-home class credits!

$19 for a single class

$80 for a 5-pack ($16 per class)

$140 for a 10-pack ($14 per class)

After creating your account here you can purchase a single class online here or in your app.

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