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    Create a new account here to access our new at-home workouts.

    *Use the same email address you currently use to login to our app and website – you can even use the same password; when we re-open our studios your old account will be there waiting for you.

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    You’ll receive a link to set your password in your email, then come back here to login. If you’re using the [solidcore] app – log out and log back in using your newly created account into our “at home” studio.

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    Sign-up for a class here or in our [solidcore] app. Be sure to select “At Home” from the studio dropdown.

    *You are unable to use existing class packages or memberships for these online classes

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    Set for equipment? If not, check out recommendations here.

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    30 minutes prior to the class you will receive a Zoom link from your coach.

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    Get ready to [sweat]!