Please be on time

If you are 5 minutes late to class, your spot may be taken by someone who is waitlisted or dropping in. It is very important to arrive on time so you can get a balanced workout and do not disrupt the class. If you are not in the studio within the first 5 minutes of class you may be marked as a late cancel, and subject to losing the class or the late cancellation fee.


If a class you’d like to take is full, we highly recommend putting yourself on the waitlist – it works! When you see that a class is full, click on it, and it will ask you if you want to add your name to the waitlist. If the waitlist is full, it will tell you that too. If a spot opens up prior to the 10 hour window, you will automatically be added to the class and receive an email confirmation (confirm you’re opted in to receiving emails from us here).

IMPORTANT:  By putting yourself on the waitlist, you acknowledge that you will be able to take the class if you get in. If you do not want a spot in the class, you need to remove yourself from the class/waitlist 10 hours in advance of the class start time. If you are added to the class from the waitlist, fail to remove yourself, and do not attend, it will be a late cancellation, and you are subject to losing the class or the late cancellation fee (late cancellation fee only applies to unlimited members). If you do not get off the waitlist, the class will be credited to your account for future use. Please note, the waitlist closes 10 hours prior to the class start time. Within 10 hours of class, you will not be automatically added to the class.

To check on your waitlist status

  • Sign into your account
  • Go to “My Info” > “My Schedule”
  • It will say “Waitlist Unconfirmed” if you got into the class
  • If you can’t remember what classes you waitlisted for, click on the word “Waitlist” on the top right in “My Schedule”