amanda m.


About Me: Amanda is a Pennsylvania girl and her fitness journey began over 2 decades ago as a former competitive cheerleader. She moved to NYC to pursue a career in fashion but ended up trading her heels for sneakers and has never looked back. With 5 years in the fitness industry, Amanda is determined to make you feel great about you! Amanda's infectious energy accentuates your experience leaving you sweaty, smiling, and in high spirits. She believes it takes one moment on [Sweatlana] to change your day. Leave your thoughts at the door and shake your way to a clear mind and best self.

Music I love right now: I can’t decide - it's like choosing a favorite dog child - but I love EDM, rap and anything Top 40.

Guilty pleasure: Dim sum

Superpower: Reading auras

Inner rockstar: Freddie Mercury

Spirit Animal: Unicorn Pegasus

Favorite move to give you the shakes: Heavy Squat - sophisticated twerks all day!

"when you want to quit tell yourself these 3 words: i am strong!"

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