anne m.


Position: Founder/CEO

Home studio: Chelsea, NYC

About me: I started [solidcore] because I wanted everyone to know what I know…which is that slow and controlled resistance training is how you change your body…safely and intensely. Our community is fun, inclusive, intense and honest. When I’m not working on [solidcore], you can find me lost in the woods, snowboarding, playing volleyball, listening to NPR, reading or dancing.

Inspiration: Everyday bad-ass women.

Favorite music to play in class: Hip-hop, rap and house — as loud as the sound system will allow me.

"i’m real with you. i will challenge you, push you and ask the most of you…in and outside the studio. i try and lead by example and you’ll find me sweating right along next to you 5 days a week. if you’re looking for the easiest w

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