augusta e.


Home studio: River North, Chicago

About me: Fitness has been my side gig for 7 years, as well as my love/stress relief/balance/best friend for most of my life (in one form or another). There’s nothing more fulfilling than sharing my passion for movement with the people around me! Otherwise, I’m a marketing professional from 9-5 who loves to bake (and share), wander the city, and travel anywhere/everywhere.

Music I love: anything I can sing along to, but you’ll never hear me sing out loud — you’re welcome!

Guilty pleasure: all the beverages — coffee, coffee, coffee, matcha, smoothies, kombucha, wine, etc. I typically have at least 2 on me at all times.

Superpower: My energy! (Especially at 5am)

Favorite move to give you the shakes: Elevated Oblique V-Up

"the only thing standing in your way is you."

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