autumn t.


About me: A New York girl, who went to college in Philly, and ended up in DC! I've been an athlete my whole life, and ended up playing basketball in college. I'm a high energy person, who is always smiling, and loves to make people laugh. I love to challenge people in my class to walk out the studio feeling stronger than when they walked in. That is the amazing thing about [solidcore], it makes you dig deep mentally, and physically, and forces you to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. To be surrounded by a community that craves that challenge, and roots each other on once those shakes set in, is special. I want to be a part of that!

Music I love right now: EDM, Pop, Eminem, Flo-rida, and Pitbull always.

Guilty pleasure: French Fries with all the dipping sauces.

Superpower: Teleportation - Let me see all the beautiful places in the world, and bonus if I'm skilled enough to bring loved ones with me.

Inner Rockstar: JLO

Spirit Animal: A purple unicorn.

Favorite move to give you the shakes: Crossover Lunge - all day, everyday.

"you decided to show up today, so let's make this the best 50 minutes of your day. make a promise to yourself to walk out of this studio feeling stronger, and more bad-ass than you did walking in."

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