bess p.


Home studio: Richmond, VA

About me: Strong believer in the power of the beach and a good margarita. Tonight Dough by Ben & Jerry is my passion. Proud JMU Alum. Will [shake] for queso dip. Here to help you build your strongest you!

Music I play in class: anything with beat drops to keep that energy high! Lost Kings, R3HAB remixes, etc. Never afraid to throw some Taylor Swift in there too.

Guilty pleasure: Binging The Office for the one millionth time — and yes Netflix, I’m still watching.

Inner rockstar: Chrissy Teigen. A Twitter queen after my own heart.

Spirit Animal: Chocolate Lab. Energetic and enthusiastic — sometimes for no reason at all.

Favorite move to give you the shakes: Standing Inner Thighs

"15 seconds left, what are you gonna do with that information!"

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