danbi c.


About Me: I am a classically trained violinist and I was a competitive equestrian (show jumping) all throughout high school and college. After my rotator cuff tendonitis, I got into Pilates to strengthen my shoulders and found [solidcore] along the way. This type of low impact, high intensity workout keeps me sane and happy!

Music I love right now: Kygo, Purity Ring, Tchami, Alan Walker, Porter Robinson...and any "old" classic tunes from the 60s-80s!

Guilty pleasure: Ice cream and its variations...gelato, frozen yogurt...and DRY white wine!

Superpower: Being able to talk to my dogs like I am one of them.

Inner rockstar: Brahms

Spirit Animal: Dolphin

Favorite move to give you the shakes: Heavy Squat

"this workout for 50 minutes is a gift to yourself. you are stronger than you think. know the difference between wanting a break and needing a break."

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