danielle b.


Home studio: Richmond, VA

About me: Sunshine, exercise, and freshly baked cookies are some of my favorite things in life (oh and you too, mom!). I love competition, especially with myself — and I hope to inspire those around me to continuously strive to do their best.

Music I play in class: Anything with a heavy beat.

Guilty pleasure: Those big boozy stouts that Richmond goes crazy for

Superpower: The ability to make a meal out of whatever random food is in the pantry.

Inner rockstar: Anyone who pushes past their fear of failure.

Spirit Animal: Hummingbird. It’s small, energetic, and can’t stop eating sugar.

Favorite move to give you the shakes: Bungee! Who knew a small elastic band could be the toughest equipment in the studio!

"you didn’t come here to give up."

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