emily c.


About me: England born and California raised; I've been in DC for 7 years after heading East to get my degree in International Relations. Growing up I was that kid who faked injuries to get out of running "The Mile", and as I got older I viewed exercise as a necessary chore. [solidcore] is where I discovered that my only limitations were self-imposed, and conquering those challenging reps and feeling stronger helped establish a love for both exercise and my own body. Now I'm here to help you discover/ nurture that love for yourself in my classes!

Music I love right now: Strong female R&B vocalists - when I'm not exercising!

Guilty pleasure: Love Island (the UK version, of course)

Inner Rockstar: Ilana Wexler in the aluminum foil closet at Sushi Mambeaux.

Favorite move to give you the shakes: Kneeling Inner Thighs and Bulgarian Split Squats.

"let go of the negative self-talk."

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