haly j.


About Me: Here for all the adventure life has to offer. In love with bottomless brunches, possibly addicted to sour gummy worms, and always down to try a new workout. I love watching people accomplish things they weren't sure they could do, so when you come to my class expect to be pushed to your max, but also be ready for all the laughs, a few dumb jokes, and a whole lotta party.

Music I love right now: Heavy beats and a lot of bass.

Guilty pleasure: UberEats and horror films.

Superpower: Does sarcasm count?

Inner rockstar: Kristen Wiig

Spirit Animal: Honey Badger

Favorite move to give you the shakes: Kneeling Chest Press - but then try it on your toes (insert evil grin).

"get comfortable with being uncomfortable."

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