jayde h.


Home studio: Minot, ND

About me: I’m a small town farm girl who grew up rodeoing and playing every sport available. I’ve always had a passion for sports and studied fitness at Minot State. I’m a personal trainer and seeing my clients excel gives me goosebumps. Since joining the [solidcore] family, those goosies never go away!

Music I love right now: Anything that reminds me of being in the locker room…that pump up music gets me hyped!

Guilty pleasure: Dogs (proud dog mom), cheesy jokes, Forensic Files, sleeping in, peanut butter.

Dream destination: Any place with white sandy beaches.

Favorite move to give you the [shakes]: Squats and Outer Thighs! Love that booty burn

"your body will do anything you ask it to, it’s your mind you must convince."

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