jeffery g.

#TN10Count #Thesolowerthebetter

Home studio: Adams Morgan, DC

About me: A mix of quirky humor, southern drawl, and intensity to make the class fun, energetic, and fast-paced. Personal and group accountability is key throughout class to ensure the most beneficial class for everyone. Some hidden psychology mixed with the science of the workout always helps efficiency.

Guilty pleasures: Copious amounts of coffee, popcorn, gin, and rose’

Inspiration: Pat Summitt because she help herself and others around her accountable to be the best they could be.

Superpower: Bad Dad Jokes
Favorite move to give you the [shakes]: Heavy Squat, hamstring lean, or carriage kicks.

"do not break on that first rep, it is the most important rep of [solidcore] not only does it break down the muscle the best but also any self-doubt you might have saying you can’t do it."

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