kim b.


About me:  Born and raised in the valley of the sun and still a newbie in the sunshine state. Love pilates, yoga, paddle boarding, beach, hiking, good food/drink, and puppies. Spend my little bit of free time loving on others and traveling to explore anywhere I can. Any music you can dance to is good music and I don’t take myself too seriously; especially when people are watching me dance!

Music I love right now:  Tiesto and David Guetta

Guilty pleasure:  Any chocolate sweets, Mexican food, and Sex and the City marathons.

Superpower:  Holding a plank for 2 minutes – because we all know it hurts like heck!

Inner Rockstar:  Gwen Stefani and her No Doubt throwbacks.

Spirit Animal:  Unicorn

Favorite move to give you the shakes:  Bulgarian Split Squat

"say 'yes i can,' because you are creating a stronger version of yourself, right here, right now."

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