morgan b.


About me: I’m a NOVA native and found [solidcore] when my physical therapist recommended I try a form of exercise to strengthen my recently dislocated shoulder. After growing up competing in local rodeos and practicing yoga during/after college for 10 years, I decided it was time for something new. I took my first class and haven’t looked back! The challenge of the workout (mentally and physically) combined with the supportive [community] creates such an amazing environment- I just had to contribute to that by becoming a coach!

Guilty Pleasure: I don’t believe in guilty pleasures- if you like something, like it and be proud!!

Zodiac Sign: Capricorn (idk much about zodiac signs, but I will talk for daaaayyys about enneagram types. I’m an enneagram 7)

Superpower: The elementary school students I teach every day have mentioned that I’m “the best teacher ever”, so there’s that I guess!

Favorite [solidcore] move to give you the shakes: Lunges have always been a favorite, and I’m now finding a new appreciation for bungee!

Outside of [solidcore] you can find me: at any of the wonderful local breweries!

Favorite Vegetable: bok choy

Inner Rockstar: Dave Grohl (this is not surprising if you know me)- he’s so real about things and wants to educate people on the thing he loves most. Plus, he does everything- plays so many instruments, encourages young people to follow their dreams, writes books, makes movies, everything!

Parks and Rec Character that best represents me: Andy Dwyer

Instagram handle: @bibbsyyy

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