sydney s.

About me:I love a good challenge, a hard workout, and a fun party – [solidcore] is all of the above! My first class is still the hardest thing I’ve ever done, both physically and mentally. Now every time I’m under the blue lights, whether I’m taking or teaching a class, is usually the highlight of my day. I’m so excited to motivate clients to become the strongest versions of themselves – and to call leggings and a sports bra work attire!
Music I love right now: Anything high energy with a strong beat – and I love a good remix! David Guetta, Jax Jones, Usher, Jason Derulo are my staples
Guilty pleasure: Pizza and coffee, in that order – no guilt here!
Superpower: Super speed (everywhere except in the studio)
Inner Rockstar:JLo
Favorite move to give you the shakes: Alllll the inner thighs

"take a deep breath and fight for one more slow, shaky rep before you take that break!"

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