will t.


About Me: Professional dancer during the day & certified [solidcore] and fitness buff early mornings and nights. A career dedicated to unlocking the full potential of one’s body has resulted in an appreciation for fun in fitness, [community] dedicated to achieving our fiercest selves, and an overwhelming need for epic beats while shaking our souls away.

Music I love right now: Gimme a Disney club remix any day with a mix of current pop & disco.

Guilty pleasure: Shopping in the Forever 21 women’s athleisure section for tank tops.

Superpower: A quick wit guaranteed to keep you on your toes.

Inner rockstar: Cher will always be the OG.

Spirit Animal: Louise from Bob’s Burgers.

Favorite move to give you the shakes: One word - Bungee.

"imagine tyra banks is standing in the corner taking your antm headshot - stand up tall, stay fierce, and don’t let them see the pain."

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