In accordance with state and local guidance, [solidcore] has reopened in cities across the country. Our top priority in reopening is protecting the health and safety of our entire [community] — coaches, clients, and HQ.
All information regarding studio openings and questions you may have regarding safety protocols as we all come back together under the blue lights can be found here.

If you have any questions or comments please contact us here

Our mask policy is dependent on the market and local mandates. As a low-impact, non-cardio workout, [solidcore] is one of the best workouts to do in a mask.
While we know working out in a mask may not be the most favorable, we have tested a number of masks to determine which options are the best for working out. We recommend the Under Armour Sportsmask, lululemon Double Strap mask, or a disposable mask.
For more information regarding the mask requirement at your [solidcore] location, please email your studio or contact us at

[solidcore] classes in all studios operate at 50% or less of our space’s legal capacity. The small group nature of our classes naturally limits our clients’ exposure while working out within our spaces.

We are in the process of installing MERV-13 filters in all of our studios across the country. These will help filter out small air particles, as well as to deactivate viruses, bacteria, tobacco smoke, and any microscopic allergens.

New York City Studios: In addition to MERV-13 filters, each studio will have two Medify MA-25 S1 Air Filtration systems. They are medical grade air filtration and the most powerful table top air purifiers on the market with dual air intakes. Each system is equipped with two H13 HEPA filters that remove 99.9% of particles found in the air, cleaning a room up to 1,000 SQ FT in 30 minutes.

Coaches at [solidcore] are provided with  a face mask if they would like to wear it while coaching in our studios. In classes where masks are required for clients, our coaches are also required to wear masks.

We also provide our coaches with gloves that are optional for their use.

High-touch surfaces (e.g., doorknobs and bathrooms) in our facilities are cleaned consistently throughout the day by our managers and coaching staff. Your machine – which is the surface that you are the most exposed to – is cleaned twice before you use it: it is cleaned with disinfectant wipes by the client who previously used it, and it is cleaned by you immediately prior to your use.  

Additionally, our studios are professionally cleaned 1 to 2 times per week.

Although at [solidcore] we take the cleanliness of the surfaces in our spaces very seriously, it is important to note that the CDC has advised that surfaces are not currently thought to be the main way that COVID-19 spreads. You can read more about the CDC’s perspective on the way that COVID-19 is thought to spread here.

All machines in all of our studios are now being treated with My-shield ® Surface Cleaner spray. This spray is an alcohol-free nano silicone formulation that eliminates bacteria on any surface. Safe & easy to use, My-shield ® Surface Cleaner kills most common germs on contact, offers extended protection and most importantly, this cleaning solution has been certified by a laboratory to kill COVID-19 with 99.9% effectiveness for the duration of a 28 day time period! In addition to wiping down machines throughout the day, this spray will be applied generously to all in-studio surfaces every two weeks.

[solidcore] will proactively notify all clients in the impacted class if there is a case of community spread that takes place in any of our studios.

Our policies and procedures are designed with the assumption that an asymptomatic COVID-19-positive individual could be in the studio. All of our safety procedures, including mandated handwashing, increased distance between clients in class, frequent wipe downs of the machines, spot cleans of high-touch surfaces, and a regular cadence of 3rd party professional cleans are designed to protect our clients and coaches when there is an asymptomatic carrier of COVID-19 in the studio.

You may show up 15 minutes before class begins. We know it’s hard not to chat with your coaches and friends and encourage you to do so outside of the studio while maintaining a safe distance.

Yes, all of our [solidcore] studios have reopened!

We will take care of everything for you!   We will adjust and extend your class package on the back end. If you are on a monthly membership we will adjust your autopay schedule to ensure you receive your unused classes in your current cycle, prior to being charged for a new cycle.  

Yes, upon your studio reopening we will unfreeze your account and adjust expiration dates to offer any time back that was missed during our closure. We can’t wait to shake together once again.

We completely understand; these times feel uncertain. Upon your studio’s reopening, your account will reactivate with extended expiration dates to make up for the closure. Please contact your studio leadership if you feel you are unable to return to the studio at this time.

Contact us to request more information.

If you’re interested in working out with  us at home, join us on the Equinox+ app.

We are sorry to see you go and happy to extend your expiration dates to give you time to see if you change your mind. Unfortunately, we do not offer refunds at this time but we can transfer those credits to a sweat buddy. Please contact your Studio Manager and they will take care of this for you.