Claire Pruett

Core Concierge

Claire Pruett is a professional people-person and experience designer, no matter her job-description. Earning her BFA from the UNC School of the Arts School of Drama, she has broadened her horizons with [solidcore] into learning how to craft our clients stories of becoming the strongest versions of themselves and how we can make that journey as seamless as possible. She stumbled across [solidcore] completely by accident after an injury took her out of spinning – her first fitness love. She saw the studio exterior wrapped in images of sweaty bodies, and determined faces on her bus ride down 23rd street to her temp job in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York. On a whim, she applied to work as Core Crew for the new Williamsburg studio, where she grew to love the [community], her coworkers, and the company. She soon began her journey to becoming a coach, then joined the CX team as a Core Concierge, while continuing to coach in Brooklyn and Lower Manhattan. This is her [solidcore] story. She want’s to know yours, and how we can get you to your [stronger] ever after.