Faith Tyranski

CX Specialist

Trying to find a new normal post college swimming, Faith stumbled upon [solidcore] and was hooked! From class one, she was immersed into the experience and had no choice but to buy into the challenge that each class presented. She found community in the other clients and was inspired by the coaches and found herself opening the Fedhill, MD studio as the HCCM! What first began as an aspiration to join the [solidcore] family has transformed into a mission to serve the community itself as she has shifted to improve client experience as a CX specialist.

When she’s not under the blue lights you can find her lifting heavy in the gym so that when she comes home to her 70lb bulldog Bronco, she can pull him onto the sofa for some snuggles. If she’s not sweating from that, she is behind the bar, where she allows her creativity to flow, serving as a mixologist with a drink to impress!