Jackie Vick

Talent Acquisition Coordinator

Jackie was born and raised in Niskayuna, NY before relocating to the sunshine state in 2010 where she met her husband and embarked on her fitness journey. She has held a multitude of positions within various fitness communities to include Gold’s Gym and Orangetheory Fitness. Over her eight years within the fitness industry, Jackie has maintained her passion of helping others not only achieve their potential but to soar to new heights along the way. Prior to her role as Talent Acquisition Coordinator with [solidcore], Jackie has held the title of Digital Personal Trainer, Digital Fitness Model, National Gold’s Cycle programmer and Franchise Fitness Development Manager.

She flourished in her fitness roles while supporting her husband’s Army career and raising their only daughter, Lois. Altogether, they have lived in five different states since 2012 and endured two long deployments before her husband left the Army. Now they have laid down roots in Ellicott City, MD.