Julie Lastra

VP, Studio Operations

Julie is the Vice President of Studio Operations. She oversees all of [solidcore]’s studio operations ensuring they operate efficiently as well as provide a consistent client experience. Julie is a Michigan native, but has lived in several places including California, Canada, and now the Washington, D.C. area. Living in all these places fueled her passion for outdoor activities including running, skiing, and hiking.

Julie heard about [solidcore] in 2014 after a ski injury left her unable to do her favorite physical activity - running. Julie was looking for an intense, low impact workout that would still give her the same feeling she got after a good, long run. She was [addicted] after her first class! In March 2015, Julie became a [solidcore] coach for the Old Town and Ballston studios and was voted Virginia [solidcore] Coach of the Year that same year. She also served in the Studio Manager role for those studios for over two years.

Prior to coming on to [solidcore] full time, Julie was a federal agent with the U.S. government for over two decades. Julie credits [solidcore] for getting her back on the running and ski trails. When she is not in the studio you will find her running around Burke Lake with her two dogs, watching her two daughters play soccer or compete in downhill ski races, and drinking wine with family and friends.

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