Mary Legget

Training Manager

Mary’s love of fitness stemmed at a young age. Her love of running and swimming led her to compete on the D1 Northeastern University Track team as a mid-distance runner. After a few seasons, Mary transitioned to the Triathlon team. On the team, she has competed in numerous championships and national competitions as a collegiate racer. Upon graduation, she joined the USAT team, racing globally, and as a nationally ranked triathlete.

Looking to build upon her strength and resistance training, Mary found her way to [solidcore]. The intensity of the workout and the community built under the blue lights was all she needed to be hooked. In her role as Training Manager, she supports the growth and development of the new and current coaches; helping them to feel empowered to be the strongest version of themselves.

Outside of [solidcore], she enjoys playing with her pup, surfing, and creating new healthy recipes of her favorite foods. For her, fueling her active lifestyle is part of the fun! Follow her Instagram, @marylegget