Sami Weinberg

Regional Talent Manager

Sami grew up loving to try new things – especially when it came to health. After years of trying different types of workouts, from yoga to spinning to weight-lifting, looking for “the one”, she tried [solidcore] in 2018 and has been committed ever since. She loves the challenge of [solidcore] and feels that if she can do this workout, she can do anything. Sami strives to help others find that empowerment in her role as Talent Manager at [solidcore] all the while helping expand the [solidcore] team and brand.

In her personal life, Sami is a Health Coach helping others find their best and healthiest selves. She lives in Dallas with her fiancee and when she is not begging him to do something active with her, you can find her watching Real Housewives on TV, taking her Boxer puppy to the dog park, and exploring Dallas.