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To ensure you receive credit for shaking with us on Equinox+, please enter your Equinox+ login in the field below and submit. This will ensure you receive 2 points per [soldicore] Equinox+ class taken towards your [committed] core loyalty rewards.

Got it! It will take 1-2 days for your data to sync.

It can take 1-2 days for our account to sync with [solidcore]. By pressing "submit" you hereby direct [solidcore] and Equinox+ to link your accounts to enable sharing and use of your personal information between and by [solidcore] and Equinox+, in accordance with the [solidcore] Privacy Policy and the Equinox+ Privacy Policy. You acknowledge and agree that the information to be shared between [solidcore] and Equinox+ may include, without limitation, your email address and record of Equinox+ class attendance. If you do not provide your Equinox+ login any [solidcore] class you take in the Equinox+ app will not accrue towards your class count in the [solidcore] app. You may visit the in-app menu on the Equinox+ app to modify your future data sharing preferences or email us at solidcore@solidcore.co. If you are a CA resident, for information about the rights available to you, please visit the California Privacy Rights section in the [solidcore] and Equinox+ privacy policies.