At [solidcore] we are acutely aware that we operate in the boutique fitness industry which has long been a space occupied primarily by white people. In order to change the status quo for ourselves, but also to influence the broader boutique fitness community, we are making the following commitments to help promote diversity, equity, and inclusion:

Increase the representation of underrepresented minorities across our staff, our vendors, and our client base

  • We will pursue non-traditional talent pipelines, as well as create a “high potential” leadership development program designed to ensure that the current and future generation of [solidcore] leaders is diverse and set up for long-term success in their roles
  • We will commit to sustained and proactive outreach out to underrepresented groups to join our community and will review all policies and procedures and modify any that have the potential to make our studios an unwelcoming environment to black people and other people of color
  • We will create and publish a vendor values statement that puts a firm stake in the ground on where [solidcore] expects any of our partners to stand on the issues of diversity and equity. We will not partner with those who do not align
  • We will transparently communicate our progress by publishing annually the demographic data of our clients, coaches, studio leadership, and headquarters teams that we will collect on a voluntary basis

Strengthen our internal culture, creating not just allies but advocates and champions for diversity, equity, and inclusion

  • We will create and implement a values statement that explicitly outlines the expectations of behavior for [solidcore] team members as well as the clear disciplinary outcomes for those who do not uphold those values
  • We will roll out mandated anti-racism and anti-bias training for all employees
  • We will stand up Employee Resource Groups to serve as a network, additional support resource, and advocacy voice for underrepresented employees

Invest in bringing health and wellness to underserved communities

  • We will actively seek to bring [solidcore] – through permanent spaces and/or pop-up experiences – to underrepresented communities, reinventing our business model as necessary to ensure we are not contributors to the forces of gentrification

Leverage our platform to amplify the voices and work of black and brown individuals as well as organizations that are fighting for diversity and equity

  • We will raise money for organizations and causes that align with our values, while helping to promote and tell the story of the impact of those organizations to our community
  • We will proactively incorporate minority and women-owned businesses into our operations as vendors and suppliers

Centuries of systemic racism aren’t unwound in weeks, or even months – we’re in this fight for equality for the long-haul. We challenge you to join us.

June 1st, 2020

To the [solidcore] community – 

I have struggled to find the words to address the unspeakable tragedies, inequality and violence that have taken place across our country this past week, specifically the murder of George Floyd, and the protests that have ensued. As the Founder and CEO of [solidcore], I believe it’s important for you, our community, to know where I, as a person, and we as a company, stand on this issue. Before you read any further, know that I have no interest in sitting in the safety of silence or in the comforts of “both sides.”

First things first, I’m a white woman. I grew up in a middle class family and I was born and raised in North Dakota. I’m a long way away from George Floyd, but that doesn’t absolve me from my responsibility to stand by my fellow humans in the fight against racism and for equality. We can’t rely solely on communities of color to help and advocate for communities of color. It was white people who created and continue to perpetuate racial inequality, and now white people need to help correct it.

There are double standards in this country that we need to acknowledge. There are some police – not all – who use their badges and uniforms to justify violence. When black people get angry in response to this treatment, it’s often interpreted as reckless, reprehensible and irresponsible. When white people protest, they are exercising their right to freedom of speech. When black people protest in response to violence by the police, it’s somehow again reckless, reprehensible and irresponsible. 

George Floyd’s murder was another tipping point the U.S. faced. This was not the first black man wrongly accused, wrongly treated, wrongly convicted or – in Mr. Floyd’s case – wrongly killed. But, it was his death that brought about another fierce uprising in the resistance to police brutality. It is yet another murder that is forcing Americans across the country to have uncomfortable conversations, and to think about the role they play in a system that has historically, repeatedly, and unfairly favored a group of people based on their skin color.

Many of us have never feared treatment from a police officer when being pulled over for speeding. Many of us have never worried about walking home late at night for fear that we would be stopped by the police accusing us of being “up to no good.” Stop for a moment, think about what that must be like? I feel it is my obligation, my responsibility, and yes, my privilege, to fight with and for those whose voices unfortunately don’t get the same echo as mine.

I’ve always loved the quote “with great power, comes great responsibility.” It’s time for [solidcore] to step up its commitment to equality. While we will continue to actively seek out a diverse and inclusive workforce, financially support these issues with our profits, and galvanize our [community] to do the same, we can do more. 

It’s no longer enough to only promote equality, inclusivity and diversity within. We are building new, concrete standards for everyone we do business with, and I want to share where we are starting. 

We will run background checks on every vendor, landlord, and partner to ensure they are on the same side of equality as us. Their business histories, reputations of the CEO’s, and the diversity of their Boards will help determine if we do business with them. 

We will ensure that all members of the [solidcore] team uphold our standards of equality, diversity and inclusion. We will continue these conversations internally and make sure that we are acting in a way that supports our principles. You have our commitment and promise on this.

It may take longer to expand into new locations and develop new partnerships, and we’re okay with that. It is the right thing to do, and doing the right thing is very rarely the easy thing. 

We’re encouraging other businesses to follow our lead in creating new standards. As individuals, we encourage you to hold similar conversations with businesses you frequent – hold yourself accountable, hold them accountable and we can change the system. If we keep operating the way we have been, things will stay the way they have been. We can do our part to affect the systemic change this country needs. 

In equality, 

Anne Mahlum

Founder & CEO, [solidcore]

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