solidcore rewards screen on solidcore iphone app

what is the [committed] core loyalty program?

You have been putting in the hard work on [sweatlana] - now, the [committed] core loyalty program rewards you for that dedication.

The rewards program gives you an opportunity to earn points for everything from attending a class to hitting milestones. With each class attended you get closer to the next spring level which increases the value of your points!

There is no cost to join and you will be automatically enrolled when you download the [solidcore] app from the App Store or Google Play and login with your account information. So what are you waiting for? Start earning now!

how do I earn [committed] core points?

Points earned are automatically tracked in the “Level” tab in the rewards section of the [solidcore] app. Your points will show up in the activity log with details around the number of points and date received. As you take more classes, you will rise in spring level. The “Earn” tab shows how many points each activity is valued at and how to earn those points.

As you raise your spring level, you will get closer to a new membership tier and also get a 10 point jump in points.

[commitment] levels give you the opportunity to earn more points for every activity through point boosters. [commitment] levels are categorized by the color of your spring level. On your white springs, you will receive base points. On your gray springs, your points will be worth 10% more, on black, 20% more and on blue 25% more!

spring levels

  • 1st White 10 classes
  • 2nd White 25 classes
  • 1st Gray 50 classes
  • 2nd Gray 100 classes
  • 3rd Gray 250 classes
  • 1st Black 500 classes
  • 2nd Black 1000 classes
  • Blue 1500 classes

earning rewards

action points
download our app 50
bring a buddy 50
reach next level 10
attend an in-studio class (direct book) 5
attend an in-studio class (partner book i.e. ClassPass) 3
spend $4 on retail / beverages 1

redeeming rewards

reward points
free class 200

[commitment] level

total classes spring level
10 1st white [committed] core white
25 2nd white [committed] core white
50 1st gray [committed] core gray
100 2nd gray [committed] core gray
250 3rd gray [committed] core gray
500 1st black [committed] core black
1000 2nd black [committed] core black
1500 blue [committed] core blue

bonus point booster

# of lifetime classes level bonus point booster
10 [committed] core white 0
25 [committed] core white 0
50 [committed] core gray +10%
100 [committed] core gray +10%
250 [committed] core gray +10%
500 [committed] core black +20%
1000 [committed] core black +20%
1500 [committed] core blue +25%

additional information

Redeem your available rewards under the “Redeem” tab in the rewards section of the [solidcore] app or save your points and redeem them later. Each reward is listed in the “Redeem” tab with the number of points required to redeem.

When a reward is redeemed, it will automatically sync into your [solidcore] app*. The points used will automatically be deducted from your “Total points” on the “Level” tab.

Points expire one year after they are earned. All of your points will not expire all at once. For example, if you earn 50 points for downloading the app on April 1, 2021 and do not redeem those 50 points by April 1, 2022, you will lose the 50 points from downloading the app.

Rewards will automatically sync into your [solidcore] app unless otherwise stated. Some rewards require contacting [solidcore] to schedule/redeem. Any complications with rewards should be sent to

How soon will my points show up after I take class? Points for taking class will automatically show up in your activity log within 24 hours of class.

Any classes taken in association with your account will show up in your activity log.

Booking a [solidcore] class through MBO counts as a direct booking and will automatically show up in your rewards after class is completed. You will receive a base of 5 points for classes booked through the MBO app.

In order to receive points for your Equinox+ classes, you must give permission for your Equinox+ and [solidcore] accounts to be merged. To give permission, visit and input the email address associated with your Equinox+ account.

Everyone in our [community] begins with just 50 points for joining the loyalty program. Previous [solidcore] classes you have taken will automatically be counted towards your [commitment] level. For example, if you have taken 250 [solidcore] classes in your history with [solidcore], you will begin in the grey [commitment] level. This means that you are already earning 10% more points with every point earned.

Be sure you have only one account on file to ensure your points are accurately reflected on your app. This is important as points are non-transferable. If you have two existing accounts, please contact your studio manager to merge your accounts into one account.

We love that you’re interested in giving the gift of [solidcore]! Points cannot be transferred. Your points are meant to reflect your personal journey towards creating the strongest version of yourself! Rewards can be transferred! Once you have selected to redeem a point within the app, you can transfer that reward to a friend. To do this, email your Studio Manager and let them know which redeemed reward you would like to transfer and who you would like to transfer the reward to. The reward will then be removed from your account and given to your friend.

Yes! We will still be celebrating your huge class milestones in class. You’ll still receive your keychain charm and shoutouts for both 100 and 250 milestones.

In the [solidcore] app, go to your bookings tab. (Must be signed up for the class you would like to bring your buddy to). Click the "bring friend" button under the class you're signed up for, that you would like your buddy to attend. Then, select the package or class you would like to use to pay for your buddy's class. If it's your buddy's first time taking [solidcore], after they attend the class, you'll earn +50 points within 48 hours of being checked into that class! *if you are bringing a buddy using the "bring a buddy for free" membership perk, points will not be earned, whether or not the buddy is a new or existing client.

If the buddy that you wish to bring has been to [solidcore] before, please ensure that the information you enter when adding them matches their active [solidcore] account. (Please use the First Name, Last Name, phone number, and email address that is associated with their [solidcore] account.)

Thanks for letting us know! Your achievements are incredibly important to us. Reach out to your studio directly so we can make sure you receive our milestone gift to you!