Experience a workout like no other. [solidcore] is 50 minutes of low-impact strength training that creates a stronger version of yourself. Designed to break down muscles to failure, our high-intensity workouts help you build strength on a stronger foundation than before. Because at [solidcore], we don’t shy away from hard things. We seek them out. The result is a transformed body and mind. So, lean into the work and see the difference for yourself.

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how can i prepare?

If you’re new to [solidcore], you’ve already achieved the hardest step — showing up. Arrive 10 minutes early for an introduction to our studio and reformer. Our coaches will take you through an exercise demonstration ahead of your workout. Throughout your class, our coaches offer personalized attention, verbal instruction, and [hands-on] assistance. Now go experience this life-strengthening workout because the best way to prepare is to start.

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why it works

[solidcore] works because you do. Power through 50 minutes of high-intensity, low-impact movements, you’ll see results – for the mind, body, and spirit – instantly. Our strength-training workout utilizes slow and controlled sequences to overload and break down slow-twitch muscle fibers. This method has been proven to be the most effective and efficient way to sculpt long, lean muscles. Each month we rotate muscle focuses to allow for recovery, prevent plateau, and create balance throughout the body and self. This innovative methodology produces results twice as fast as traditional workouts. [solidcore] is change you can see and feel.

monthly muscle focus

get [connected]

Building a stronger version of yourself isn’t done alone. It’s built with the strength of those around you. At [solidcore], we embrace our group fitness community, both in and out of the studio. Follow us on Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook for motivation, resistance band workouts, and some laughs. Stay plugged in, so you can meet others in the [solidcore] community and be up to speed on our monthly challenges and other events.

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This is where all the hard work happens. At the heart of our resistance workout, is our unique reformer, sweatlana. It’s a stationary platform with a carriage that slides back and forth on wheels. Our reformers utilize eight springs that allow for various levels of tension and resistance training, providing limitless possibilities for muscle failure. Sweatlana only works as hard as you do. Up your springs to up the resistance and the [results].

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additional questions?

[solidcore] is an experience unlike any other workout. We know it can be a lot to take in all at once. So, check out our FAQs below for answers to any of your questions before diving in. We cover everything from the types of classes we offer to cancellation policies. Still can’t find the information you need? Contact us regarding any other questions you have.

WeStart with our signature full-body or foundation class. After completing five of these classes, push yourself even further with our muscle-specific classes, if you’re ready to handle the burn.

full body

This is our signature 50-minute class that works your muscles to failure. Your coach guides you through a carefully crafted, high-energy, and high-intensity sequence that will give you the most efficient and effective workout of your life. You’ll come out a different person, we promise.


Start with the basics. Our foundation class teaches you the fundamentals of [solidcore]. You’ll learn to embrace the challenge and seek out the sweat. Whether you’ve taken 100+ classes or are just starting out, this class will push you to focus on technique, up your spring load, and increase flexibility and strength. Build a solid foundation.

Complete five full-body or foundation classes, and you’ll be ready to try our muscle-specific classes: Arms & Abs, Buns & Guns, Buns & Abs, and Core 30.


50 minutes of exclusively upper body and core-based exercises. This sweat-inducing workout will push your mind and body to appreciate the resistance and crave the challenge. Arms+abs concentrates on building a solid, strengthened core and toned arms. Before attending, we recommend you complete five full-body or foundation classes.


50 minutes of lower body and upper body focus. This class begins with a brief core warm-up and no obliques. If you’re pregnant or have experienced a core-related injury, this class is a great option. Complete five full-body or foundation classes before attending this class. 


50 minutes of lower body and core-focused exercises. Give your upper body a break and hone in on your obliques, glutes, legs, and core. Tap into your inner strength and reach new levels of strength you didn’t know you had. We recommend that you complete five full-body or foundation classes before attending.


30-minutes of [intense] core-focused workout. This class isn’t designed for the faint of heart. It’s ideal for those who need a vigorous core workout that fits into a tight schedule. Challenge yourself to build a stronger core and use more resistance. Before taking this class, we recommend you complete ten full-body classes.

*new clients cannot attend a muscle-specific class listed above as a first-time client*

Breathable, comfortable clothes that you can move around in are best. Wear anything that you feel good in that won’t get in the way of your workout. Before class, you’ll remove your shoes. So, you have the option to go barefoot or wear grippy socks to prevent you from sliding on the reformer.

Don’t leave your house without the drive and courage to create the strongest version of yourself. Other than that, we have all the equipment you’ll need at the studio. Feel free to bring a bottle or towel if you’d like, but don’t worry if you forget. We have towels and water bottles available for sale at each studio.

15 minutes early! We want to get to know you and give you a tour of the studio before your class. We’ll also give you a demo of how to use our reformer and answer any questions you may have.

The safety of Mom and baby comes first. If your doctor gave you the green light, and you aren’t brand new to [solidcore], nothing is standing in the way of you and your strength. Let your coach know that you are pregnant before the start of your class so we can provide modifications if necessary. If you start feeling dizzy, faint, or uncomfortable, stop immediately and contact your doctor.

If you are pregnant and new to [solidcore], join us after baby once your doctor has cleared you to return to fitness.

Dedication and hard work always pays off. On average, if you attend 2-3 classes per week, you’ll begin to see and feel changes in your body at the end of week two. After 30 days? You’ll be a different person with improved overall strength, capable of pushing your mind and body to new levels.