[solidcore] is a 50-minute high intensity, low impact resistance training Pilates workout using slow and purposeful movements targeting the core, lower and upper body. The best way to learn is to jump in and take a class! Our class sizes are small, so you’ll get personalized attention during class! Be ready to sweat, shake and come back wanting more!

Please see our COVID frequency asked questions list here.

Semi-private sessions where you can book the studio for you and four friends. You can book via our website or app and expect the same [solidcore] workout you’ve come to know and love in our normal studio classes.

This is a 50-minute class perfect to learn the basics of the [solidcore] workout, focusing on form and learning the names of the exercises. We recommend this if you’re not in a consistent workout routine and or are unfamiliar with exercise moves such as a plank, lunge and squat. This class also has brighter lights, softer music, a slower pace, and an extensive overview of the workout. It’s not a prerequisite, but it will help you understand the workout and get you ready for more classes!

Community classes are taught by a coach in training or are for a new studio opening.

Off-peak classes are the same 50-minute classes, but during off-peak studio hours, therefore are at a lower price! They will say ‘Off-Peak’ on the schedule.


Arms + abs target only upper body and core and do not include lower body exercises. If you need a rest day for your glutes or hammies or are looking to target your core and arms, this is the class for you!

Buns + guns targets only lower body and upper body, with a quick core warm-up…and no obliques! This class is perfect if you are pregnant, have a core injury, or if you want the strongest buns + guns on the block!

Core30 is a quick and intense 30-minute core-focused class. Great if you want to increase your core strength.

*New clients cannot attend a muscle-specific classes*

We’re thrilled you’re thinking of getting in shape with us! [solidcore] is a very efficient and effective way to burn fat and build muscle. Come to class ready for a challenge and work hard for 50-minutes! It will be uncomfortable, but you’ll fall in love with the burn!

100%. In fact, this is THE workout for you. [solidcore] works your slow-twitch muscles to failure. You’ll feel an intensity like you’ve never felt before. Triathletes, marathoners, CrossFitters and all kinds of athletes tell us [solidcore] is the hardest workout they’ve tried. You’re going to love the way you feel in and after class.

The minimum age to take class is 16. Our clients under the age of 18 must have their parent or guardian sign their waiver prior to taking their first class with us.

Classes run on time. If it’s your first time, please arrive no more than 10 minutes before to receive a proper introduction to the studio, workout, and the machine. This is essential to maximize your workout so your coach can learn more about you and your fitness routine. If you don’t arrive in time, you may be asked to reschedule. Your safety is important to us!

  • Wear clothes you’re comfortable working out in
  • Bring a water bottle (we have water fountains and bottled water for purchase)
  • No phone calls during class
  • Avoid wearing jewelry as it is a hazard on our machine
  • No strong perfumes or colognes, please!

Everybody and every body is different! If you attend class 2-3 days a week, you’ll start seeing and feeling changes by the end of week 2. You’ll notice a huge difference in overall strength after 30 days.

This workout is designed to work you to muscle failure, so recovery is important! The amount of time your body needs to recover depends on your personal fitness levels and nutrition. We recommend coming 3-4 times a week to get the best results. Our muscles and bodies cannot change without rest and time to rebuild, which is why we HIGHLY recommend taking two days off a week. This will allow your body to rebuild so you can see extraordinary changes to your body.

You can change or cancel your class (or semi-private training session) up to 10 hours before the class starts. Your classes (or training session) will go back into your account for another time. If you cancel within the 10-hour block, you lose the class. If you have an unlimited package and you late cancel or no-show a class, you’ll be charged a cancellation fee. We do NOT give refunds.

To Cancel a Reservation:

  • Sign into your account
  • Go to “My Info” > “My Schedule”
  • Click “Cancel” next to the class you wish to cancel

Yes. If you’re 5 minutes late to class your spot may be taken by someone on the waitlist or dropping in. It’s important to arrive on time so you can get a balanced workout and not disrupt class. If you’re not at the studio within the 5 minute window, you may be marked as a late cancel.

Yes, if the class you want to go to is full we highly recommend putting yourself on the waitlist. You can sign-up for the waitlist up to 10 hours before the class. If the class is full, click on it and add your name to the waitlist! If a spot opens up, you’ll get a confirmation email. If you do not make it off the waitlist, the class will go into your account for future use.

IMPORTANT: it is assumed if you’re on the waitlist, you’ll be able to take the class if you get in. If you do not want the spot, you need to remove yourself from the waitlist 10 hours in advance.

To Check on Your Waitlist Status:

  1. Sign into your account
  2. Go to “My Info” > “My Schedule”
  3. It will say “Waitlist Unconfirmed” if you got into the class
  4. If you can’t remember what classes you waitlisted for, click on the word “Waitlist” on the top right in “My Schedule”

If your class is cancelled due to inclement weather, you’ll be notified the morning of (if not sooner) via email and text message.

To assure you’ve opted in for [solidcore] notifications, log into your account and update your email and/or text preferences. Classpassers/Gympassers will receive an email as well!

Email us to request more information about either of these options.

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