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what is [solidcore]?

[solidcore] is Pilates redefined. Our 50-minute, resistance-training workout uses our signature [solidcore] reformer to break down your muscles to failure so that they build back stronger. [solidcore] workouts are an immersive experience, with our blue neon lights, energizing music, encouraging coaches, and a community of people joined together to create the strongest version of themselves. The workout is intense, but results are unbelievable. Join one of our workout studios near you to take part in a community that celebrates and pushes you to bring out a stronger you.

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Looking for a new workout that leaves you feeling empowered after every class? [solidcore] classes offer just that, with a coach-led, full-body workout that focuses on slow and controlled movements utilizing [sweatlana], our [solidcore] reformer. Our [solidcore] classes provide a challenging strength-training workout whether you're a fitness guru, or you're just getting started on your fitness journey! With locations across 25+ states, signing up for a [solidcore] workout is easy and simple. And, with a [solidcore] membership, you get access to exclusive member-only perks. So, what are you waiting for? Seek out the sweat and create a stronger version of yourself at [solidcore]. Join us under the blue lights today for an intense workout unlike any other.