Early access to schedule

24 hours in advance of release to public

Bring a friend for free

On a 30-day rolling basis. bring additional friends at a discounted rate
1x on a 30-day rolling basis

Late cancel fee waived

On a 30-day rolling basis. for unlimited members
1x on a 30-day rolling basis

Date may not match your billing cycle

Travel to any studio free of upcharge

For unlimited members twice every 30 days

Discounted Retail

10% - 4 classes/month
15% - 8 classes/month
20% - 12 classes/month
20% - monthly unlimited

want to enjoy these perks but not a member?

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a membership is a recurring monthly payment

who gets these perks?

Perk unlimited 12 classes/mo 8 classes/mo 4 classes/mo
discounted retail 20% 20% 15% 10%
early access to schedule Yes Yes Yes Yes
bring a friend for free 1x/mo Yes Yes Yes Yes
travel to any studio 2x/mo,
free of upcharge

plus, unlimited members get late cancel fee waived once a month!

how do i get these perks?

first, download our app to enjoy these membership perks

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enjoy discounted retail online. members will receive a unique coupon code to use for retail online in the shop. this excludes all lululemon products.

the schedule will appear on your account in the app and online on the 24th of each month, instead of the 25th. you must be logged in to view it early. you will be able to book and get into classes a whole day before non-members!

all members get to enjoy this perk 1x every rolling 30 days. to bring an additional buddy, you can still do so at a discounted rate.

when unlimited members late cancel for the first time in a 30 day period, their late cancel fee will be automatically waived. each subsequent late cancel fee will be charged as normal until the perk is renewed.

unlimited members have the ability to book class at a studio of a higher price point 2x every rolling 30 days. to use this perk, book your class as normal at the studio you want to visit. the app will then prompt you to choose the $0 ‘travel perk pass’ option. select this option and enjoy!

*if you cancel your travel perk class, the credit will remain in the travel location where you booked.


if your buddy early cancels, the credit goes back into your account, and you can invite another friend.

Yes, every buddy credit has a 30 day expiration after the date in which it’s processed.

traveling to any studio free of upcharge 2x on a rolling 30 day basis is an unlimited membership exclusive perk and is unavailable to the 4 class/mo, 8 class/mo, and 12 class/mo memberships.

the travel pass, waived late cancel fee, and the buddy pass perks are renewed on a rolling 30 days. (i.e., if you use one travel pass today, and one on the 15th, you get one +30 days from now, and one +30 days from the 15th).