level up your fitness journey with [solidcore] memberships

We get it – you love the blue lights. The shakes, the [community], the expert coaches…there’s lots of reasons to take a [solidcore] class. But what exclusive perks do you unlock if you become a member?

[solidcore] 101: everything you need to know as a beginner

We’re so excited to hear you’re getting ready for your first [solidcore] class. It can be intimidating to try something new, especially a workout class that is known to challenge you. Let’s break down everything you can expect before and after your very first [solidcore] class.

taking family competition to a new level

Exclusive interview with the Chappelle family on [solidcore] family competitions, how they hold each other accountable, and why the high-intensity, low-impact of this group fitness class works for them.

[solidcore] fact or fiction

Discover if the rumors you’ve heard are fact or fiction. From next day soreness to beginner classes, we’re here to bust all the [solidcore] myths.