You’ve been there before – you’re under the blue lights, sweating and pushing through the obliques section, and your coach calls out for a “max tension” hold in 8 seconds to help get you to the 2nd degree of muscle failure.

But wait…what exactly is max tension? 2nd degree of what?

There is a lot of terminology and phrases used during the high-intensity, low-impact formula of a [solidcore] class. Our expert coaches understand and speak to a curated workout regime that is designed to help you break down your slow twitch muscle fibers and allow the muscle to build back stronger. Let’s break down some of the different sayings or phrases you hear under the blue lights and what they exactly mean:

[solidcore] specific

  • Transition formula

      • A structured system of countdowns that [solidcore] coaches use to guide clients into and out of exercises and variations. It includes the exercise’s name, the location of the machine, and brief information about how to perform the exercise. Be sure to wait for the final countdown before executing the cue!
      • For example, you may hear something like this in class:
        • “In 15 seconds, plank crunch”
        • “In 12 seconds, toes line 1, forearms black side platform”
        • “In 8 seconds, bend your knees”
        • “In 5 seconds, plank crunch: 3, 2, 1!”
  • The machine

      • Equipped with two sides, a moving carriage, springs for resistance or assistance, cables, handlebars, and a bungee
        • Our reformer is built for resistance training to help reach muscle failure
      • Check out our workout page for more info on our Pilates-inspired machine
  • Muscle focus calendar

    • The muscle focus calendar is [solidcore]’s unique programming regimen. It’s designed to target two muscle groups: upper and lower, each day of the month.
      • Each day will have a different upper body focus and a lower body focus, while also hitting core and obliques.
        • Some specialty classes will only hit certain muscle groups, like focus50: core + obliques + lower body
    • Each month there is a primary upper and lower body focus. Throughout the month, the primary muscle focus is more predominantly seen on the calendar to increase the strength of the target muscle.
      • Core and obliques are not listed in the muscle focus calendar because a full body [solidcore] class will always include core-focused exercises, no matter the day!
        • Looking to give the obliques some rest? Try out a focus50: core + lower + upper body OR a 30-minute express class!
    • Classes are designed with a rotating monthly muscle focus to maximize the workout, promote strength gains, and deliver balanced bodies.
  • Arm wrap

      • This is listed as the upper body muscle focus some days. Arm wrap days include biceps exercises, triceps exercises, and either back or chest exercises, depending on the muscle focus the day before.
        • Arm wrap days are great for hitting multiple muscle groups in just 50 minutes!
  • Leg wrap

    • This is listed as the lower body muscle focus some days. The goal of a leg wrap day is to work the muscles that help us move laterally or side to side:
      • Outer glutes (abductors)
      • Inner thighs (adductors)
        • When moving laterally, these muscles are complementary, which means when one fatigues, the other works hard to jump in and support.
        • These muscles are naturally weaker due to the pattern that humans generally move in daily life. We move on the sagittal plane, meaning forward and back or up and down. Strengthening them will allow us to move more efficiently through daily movements and make us less prone to injury!
[solidcore] differs from other Pilates or core Pilates classes because of the specialty muscle groups targeted in class (leg wrap, arm wrap) and the rotating muscle focus.

muscle physiology 

  • Slow twitch muscle fibers

    • Type 1 muscles, or STMFs, are fatigue-resistant. They control a muscle’s endurance or ability to contract over a sustained period with less fatigue. Strengthening a muscle’s STMFs will improve performance in daily activities and other athletic pursuits.

range of motion

  • Full range of motion

      • The necessary range of motion needed to target a muscle during an exercise
  • Modification

    • An optional, alternative way to perform an exercise to make the exercise more accessible and/or provide more support
      • Modifications can help keep proper form and make sure tension is in the appropriate muscle groups.
      • While many people view modifications as “less intense” in a workout, performing an exercise with proper form and full range of motion is significantly more effective than performing an exercise improperly. This can drive more tension to the wrong muscle group or lead to injury. 
      • Modifications are great for anyone on a pregnancy or postnatal fitness journey. Check out how you can incorporate [solidcore] into your maternity journey.
Modifications are a great option at [solidcore] to help complete our advanced Pilates techniques with proper form and prevent injuries. They are also an alternative for anyone who is pregnant or coming back to working out after pregnancy
  • Amplification

      • An optional, alternative way to perform an exercise to make the exercise more challenging.
      • For example, walking hands down to the low bar in an oblique crunch is an amplification that can help you reach the second degree of muscle failure.
  • Variation

      • Cued to add intensity to an exercise. Examples include a hold or pulse.
  • Max tension

    • A type of variation. The most challenging point of the exercise’s full range of motion is where the target muscle is most contracted.
      • For example, max tension in a triceps kickback is elbows fully extended/arms completely straight.

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