your intro to [solidcore]

who is it for?

  • Anyone new to [solidcore]
  • Anyone who has taken an all-level class before and wants something slower pace, more time to dedicate to their form and learning how to follow their coaches' cues
  • Anyone revisiting after an injury

how it works

  • 50 minute experience (40 min: sweat. 10 min: machine and exercise demos of all muscle focuses)
  • Coaches will speak to the science behind the workout, give a detailed machine demo on a coach-designated machine
  • The workshop-style class will include the coach demoing exercises and guiding clients through an effective workout

trying anything new can be intimidating.

starter50 will help you understand how to follow your coach's cues, implement proper form, and execute exercises effectively. This introduction to [solidcore] will set you up for success on your fitness journey!

available in select studios

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Learn how to crush the [solidcore] workout and experience a great sweat. This 50-minute full-body experience will teach you the basics of [solidcore]. That includes…

An in-depth machine demo and time for you to get to know [sweatlana] at your own pace

Detailed exercise demos for each muscle group

Programmed breaks to help you get acclimated to the shakes

Thorough verbal cues and hands-on support to help you understand and learn how to perform exercises properly

An opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals