If you’ve been to a [solidcore] class, then you know how it feels to really experience the feeling of muscles breaking down. Aside from sweating all over your machine, there is a lot happening to your body during this high-intensity, low-impact workout – and the work your body is going through has long-lasting benefits that are key to a healthy, happy lifestyle. A [solidcore] class is packed of full-body strength exercises that help you become the strongest version of yourself. Let’s break down some of the benefits of working out under the blue lights. 

embracing muscle failure: the key goal of [solidcore]’s strength training

You’ve probably heard your coach mention muscle failure in class before. That’s because the goal of any [solidcore] class is to reach the controlled stage of muscle failure. Exercises in this Pilates-inspired reformer workout class target the type 1, slow twitch muscle fibers – when these are being broken down, the impulses that fire throughout the nervous system cause the muscle to twitch and shake.  

Let’s break down the breakdown:

  • The first stage of muscle failure is the “burning” sensation when muscles start to experience discomfort
  • The micro-tears of the muscle make it more difficult to execute reps
    • This helps reach the second stage of muscle failure – the shakes 

So why is failure the goal? The breaking down of muscle fibers then results in muscle repairment and growth. New protein strands are created to repair or create brand new muscle fibers – this process is how muscles increase in size and strength. 

slow movements, shakes, and soreness: [solidcore]’s formula for fitness success

That [solidcore] slow pace isn’t just there for fun. Moving slowly in class helps the muscles undergo more metabolic work per second – this helps create tension in the muscle. Tension is key for helping reach that second stage of muscle failure. 

Now, your muscles are shaking and reps are getting harder to complete. But, your body doesn’t stop there. One of the best benefits of working out is the post-exercise oxygen consumption, or “afterburn” effect. Your body continues to expend calories at an elevated rate even after the workout is finished. This is due to the energy required to repair and recover muscles post-exercise.

[solidcore] exercises utilize slow and controlled movements scientifically designed to break down muscles to failure so they build back stronger.

beyond physical: exploring the mental health advantages of [solidcore] workouts

Shaking muscles and next-day soreness are some of the physical things you will experience in class, but what about the not-so-obvious feelings? Fitness and emotional wellbeing go hand-in-hand under the blue lights.

Endorphins are released in the body during a workout like [solidcore]. These hormones are opioids that occur naturally in the body, and they help diminish the perception of pain and experience a form of euphoria. 

Muscle memory can be key in promoting this hormone release. The more you attend class, the more your brain remembers certain exercises’ movements and tasks. With less brain power needed to start the exercise, the speed of the endorphin response takes less time. 

Calling all creatives: strength training workouts also heighten levels of neurotrophin BDNF – these encourage the growth of neurons that spark creativity and new ideas. Who knows, maybe the next Picasso is coming up with their best ideas after some core strengthening exercises!

Endorphins are released in the body during a workout like [solidcore]. These hormones are opioids that occur naturally in the body, and they help diminish the perception of pain and experience a form of euphoria.
After a long day, the best thing for your body is getting a great night’s sleep. Great news: one of the [solidcore] benefits is a more restorative and deeper sleep. The most effective form of recovery is sleep, so enjoy those zzz’s and let those muscles repair and rebuild. 

high sweat, low impact: the [solidcore] approach to safe and effective workouts

Don’t be fooled by the high-intensity you experience under the blue lights. While the strength training is intense, the impact is not! Exercises performed in a [solidcore] class are considered low-impact exercises that won’t cause excessive strain on your joints or connective tissues. This makes [solidcore] a great place for anyone looking to workout after recovering from injury and suitable for all ages and body types. 

Triana Brown, director of talent & product at [solidcore] breaks down what is going on to your body before and after a [solidcore] class, discussing muscle failure and next day soreness

Looking for a postpartum workout or trying to stay active during pregnancy? [solidcore] is here for you every step of the way of your maternity journey. Whether you’re looking for prenatal fitness classes or postpartum strength training – we are here to support your fitness journey during and after pregnancy.

a [community] like no other

Best part of any [solidcore] class? You’re not in it alone. When you’re in that plank crunch and are surrounded by other people fighting to become the [strongest] version of themselves, it helps motivate you to keep going. Group fitness classes generate a sense of community and camaraderie to help get the job done. Our Pilates-inspired classes are small enough to receive personal support from coaches, but are surrounded by a community of other people prioritizing their mental and physical health. 

[solidcore] coaches are actively present during class, offering hands-on support and verbal encouragement to each and every person in class.
Having an experienced coach helps keep you accountable, too. [solidcore] coaches offer 1-on-1 attention and support. They’re there to motivate you, help with form, offer modifications and amplifications, and cheer you on every step of the way. 

And with a muscle focus for each day, exercises and workouts are built for you. You don’t need to worry about planning out your workout or wait for your favorite machine to open up at the gym – we’ve got your spot reserved and a workout planned just for you.  

Ready to join the [community] and unlock the strongest version of yourself? Check out some [solidcore] new client specials to begin your journey under the blue lights.