Since our first class back in 2013, [solidcore] has been changing the status quo for the boutique fitness industry. It is our mission and responsibility to cultivate a community that is supportive, inclusive, and diverse in every way.

To celebrate Black History Month, we’re honoring history and strengthening the future, because we know that our [community] is stronger together. 

supporting local, Black-owned businesses

On Monday, February 5th, head on over to our Instagram page for highlights of local, Black-owned businesses near you — all submitted by coaches and clients of our community. Because leveraging our platforms to amplify the voices and work of Black individuals and organizations helps aid our fight for equality for all.

partnering with the Loveland Foundation

Throughout the month, we will be partnering with the Loveland Foundation, a 501(c)(3) that works to provide resources to communities of color by providing financial assistance to those seeking therapy. The Loveland Foundation focuses on providing healing opportunities and therapy for Black women and girls, addressing the unique challenges they face in accessing mental health support. By promoting emotional well-being and mental health in the Black community, the Loveland Foundation endeavors to create a transformative impact that fosters resilience and empowerment, and extends beyond individual healing. 

By partnering with this organization, a portion of your class or membership fee directly supports the health and happiness of Black women and girls. Book your class now or donate to the Loveland Foundation therapy fund directly on their website today.


Lanna Brown crushing it on [sweatlana]

the [solidcore] commitment to a diverse community

As part of our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, we will be lifting up and fighting for our community, inside and out the studio. Keep an eye out for themed classes at each studio that directly impact the Loveland Foundation, and be sure to follow us on social media to see employee highlights, the history of Black people in Pilates, community features, and more.

While we celebrate and elevate Black voices and individuals during Black History Month, our fight extends far further than just a month. Year-round, we pledge to ourselves, our employees and our clients to create and maintain an environment that respects diverse cultures, heritages, and experiences.