This strength-training group fitness class is led by an expert coach who is there to cheer you on and offer hands-on support. For 50 minutes, you will experience high-intensity, low-impact exercises that are designed to break muscles down to muscle failure. These targeted strength sessions include high-intensity core workouts that will yield results, both physical and mental.

how to prep

arrive 10 minutes before class starts

It’s super important that you arrive 10 minutes prior to your class start time. This will help you get acclimated to the studio, organize your things, and meet with your coach.  

door code

Every [solidcore] studio can be accessed via a door code or digital key. The best way to unlock the door is to use the “unlock door” feature in the [solidcore] app. The door code will also be sent to you via email prior to the start of class.

The official [solidcore] app is a simple, effective way to open the door with the “unlock door” feature. Otherwise, you will be emailed a code to use that will be activated 10 minutes before class.

come equipped

For the best experience, you’ll want to bring a water bottle, a towel, and a positive mindset. If you want to wear socks on [sweatlana], our reformer machine, you’ll need to bring grippy socks – otherwise, some people go barefoot!

There will be lockers available in the lobby to put your stuff in, or you can place any personal items in the pit of the machine.

meet your coach!

Once you get into the studio, be sure to connect with your coach and let them know it’s your first time. They’ll give you a walkthrough of the machine, chat through any personal injuries that could impact your workout, and make sure you’re prepared for class. [solidcore] coaches will be guiding you through the entire class, offering verbal cues and hands-on support during the full-body strength exercises to ensure the best workout experience possible. Group workout sessions are a great way to feel motivated and supported as you engage in dynamic core routines that promote core stability for athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike.

The official [solidcore] app is a simple, effective way to open the door with the “unlock door” feature. Otherwise, you will be emailed a code to use that will be activated 10 minutes before class.
Throughout class, your coach will be talking the entire time, explaining exercises, offering modifications and amplifications, and cheering you on. You can also use your neighbor as a visual reference.

Coach Marcelle is here to explain everything you need to know to best prep before your [solidcore] class, including what to bring, what time to arrive, and more.

time to sweat under the blue lights


[sweatlana] is our Pilates-inspired machine. There is a black side platform, a gray side platform, a moving carriage with numbers for reference, weighted springs for resistance, cables with handles, and handlebars. Take the time before class to stretch on the machine and get used to the carriage movement!

Using a reformer machine that utilizes resistance training aids in the process of muscle failure, targeting slow-twitch muscle fibers to ensure the muscle will grow back stronger. Full-body flexibility exercises performed on this type of machine help with core and cardio balance.

Coach Dani is here to explain everything you need to know about our one-of-a-kind machine. At [solidcore], every exercise utilizes our machine to help break down muscles to muscle failure.

the workout

It is recommended that someone who has never taken a [solidcore] class before starting with a starter50: intro to [solidcore] class to learn our machine and the fundamentals of the workout. These beginner classes help break down the basics of our workout with the coach offering demos at the start of each muscle focus. Don’t worry – you’ll still get a full-body sweat in this class. Starter50 classes include an upper body and lower body focus, while also including core and obliques.

Some studios offer a foundation50: build your basics class that is designed to be a transition point between starter50 and full body. Check your local studio’s schedule to see if these are offered at your local studio!

Similar to starter50, foundation50: build your basics incorporates fundamental exercises, flows at a slower pace, and has a more supportive environment with bright lights and lower music. However, this class is considered advanced beginner as it doesn’t include programmed rest or exercise demos on the machine. All muscle groups are coached one after another – but don’t stress! You take as many breaks as you need.

Modifications are a great option at [solidcore] to help complete our advanced Pilates techniques with proper form and prevent injuries, especially for anyone in their maternity journey. Anyone who is pregnant or coming back to working out after pregnancy will be offered modifications throughout class.

If you are pregnant, we do not recommend taking your very first [solidcore] class until you are postpartum. If you’ve taken class before and have spoken to a trusted physician and received clearance, [solidcore] offers great pregnancy exercise modifications for anyone looking for a pregnancy-safe workout. Read more about how to utilize [solidcore] in your maternity journey.

While everyone is different, most people feel comfortable after 1 or 2 starter50 classes to transition to a full body class. Feel free to talk to your coach to discuss your fitness goals and comfort levels with the workout.

Most [solidcore] classes are 50 minutes long – they are low-impact, strength training classes with a different muscle focus each day. In a full body class, there is a lower body muscle group targeted, paired with an upper body muscle group – and, of course, there’s always core and obliques in full body classes!

muscle focus calendar

[solidcore]’s muscle focus calendar is our unique programming regimen that is designed to target two muscle groups (upper and lower) each day of the month. Core and obliques are not listed in the muscle focus calendar because they are always included in a full-body class, no matter the day! Classes are designed with a rotating monthly muscle focus to maximize the workout, promote strength gains, and deliver balanced bodies.

When you book class, the upper body focus and lower body focus will be listed in the title. You can always double-check our calendar or the official [solidcore] app to see which muscles are the focus of the day.

Looking for a more specific workout? Some studios offer specialty focus50 classes. These classes target certain muscle groups so you can incorporate them into your fitness journey as you see fit. Check out our class types below:

  • focus50: core + lower + upper body
  • focus50: core + obliques + lower body
  • focus50: core + obliques + upper body
  • 30min express: core + lower body
  • 30min express: core + upper body
  • 30min express: core + obliques

All these different class types were designed to help you in your fitness journey. For example, runners will often pair focus50 classes with their training regime to optimize results.

the shakes

[solidcore] is different from other workouts in that most of the exercises are performed at a slower pace. Slow movements target slow-twitch muscle fibers and help keep the muscle under tension. By moving slowly, muscles undergo more metabolic work per second. Maintaining tension is necessary for achieving muscle failure during the controlled stage, which results in muscle growth. This takes traditional exercises, like a lunge, to the next level.

[solidcore] exercises utilize slow and controlled movements scientifically designed to break down muscles to failure so they build back stronger. This high-intensity core workout is low-impact and won’t cause excessive strain on your joints or connective tissues.

the formula

Your coach will utilize the transition formula to guide clients into and out of exercises and variations. It includes the exercise’s name, the location of the machine, and brief information about how to perform the exercise. It may sound something like this:

  • “In 15 seconds, plank crunch”
  • “In 12 seconds, toes line 1, forearms black side platform”
  • “In 8 seconds, bend your knees”
  • “In 5 seconds, plank crunch: 3, 2, 1!”

Want to learn more about what you’ll hear in class? Our terminology blog breaks down everything you may hear in class to help you best understand the workout


recovery tips

Congrats on crushing your class! Be proud of yourself for showing up and becoming the [strongest] version of yourself. Trying something new can be scary, but we’re proud of you for taking the jump.

It’s important to take care of your body following this intense workout. Because of the muscle failure you’ll reach in class, recovery is key to aid in muscle growth.

  • Stretch at some point in the 24 hours after class.
  • Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Water plays a vital role in the protein synthesis when rebuilding muscle after class. In order for muscles to rebuild and grow, they need to be properly hydrated.
  • Refuel your body with high-protein foods and carbohydrates to help fuel muscles in building back and repairing.

that [solidcore] soreness

It is not uncommon to feel sore the day after a [solidcore] workout – that means you made the most of your time under the blue lights!

Some ways to help soreness are to foam roll to help release tightness in the muscles. Or, you can move your body for an active recovery to help drain the lactic acid (ie. going for a walk, or jogging).

don’t be a stranger!

Your first class is never meant to be easy – just ask any [solidcore] coach! The workout never gets easier, but you definitely get stronger. 

The more you immerse yourself in the workout, the more natural it will become and the more you’ll understand the lingo and exercises. Coaches are here to help you out, so use them as a resource if you have any questions.

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