On April 27th, 2024, we will be reopening our Navy Yard location in Washington, DC after being closed on and off for reconstruction. The now-4,000+ square ft location will have a dual studio format, opening up a new space of brand new machines while renovating the existing space. This is the third [solidcore] studio to have a double studio format, along our Chelsea location in New York and Fenway in Massachusetts.

  •  In a dual studio format, there are two studios with their own machines on each side, so that two classes with two coaches can run at the same time. 
  • At a normal [solidcore] studio, only 1 class can run at once
  • Over 4,000 square feet of space in new layout
  • Double the restrooms and changing rooms & more lockers than before
  • 17 brand new machines in the new studio, 14 machines in the existing studio
  • Studios will be listed in the app and online as “studio 1” and “studio 2”
  • [solidcore] classes are high-intensity, low-impact strength-training classes with exercises performed on a Reformer machine, inspired by the Pilates method. 

Emma Chase, Senior Manager of Construction & Development, explains that the studio has been continuing with classes during the construction process, “…building out the new space during the day and renovating the existing space at night.” The new dual studio will hold 31 machines total (17 in the new space, 14 in the original space), and classes will run simultaneously with staggered start times. 


“We will be offering staggered class times to appeal to more clients and members,” said Michelle Martini, New Studio Opening Manager. “There will also be more lockers added and an additional restroom & changing room, giving the entire studio a facelift.”

Linda Nguyen is a Senior Master Coach at [solidcore] and has coached over 1,000 times in the last 4 years. She’s witnessed the Navy Yard [community] thrive over the years and is excited to see how this new expansion will only heighten that growth.

“With this expansion providing more class times and opportunities to come and take class, it’ll grow the community as we’re able to engage with more current and prospective members,” she said. “We will be able to host more clients and team members we couldn’t have met prior to the growth, and it’ll provide a chance to evolve the community in and out of the studio.”

[solidcore] client GiGi Franz poses with Senior Master Coach Linda Nguyen after class. Book your next class in the new dual-studio at Navy Yard today.
As for the clients of Navy Yard, they’re excited for more class availability, additional class times, and the continued growth of their community. GiGi Franz has taken over 380 classes exclusively at Navy Yard, and she has an alarm set for 1:00 am each month on the 24th to book her favorite classes and coaches (she’s excited for double morning time slots so she can catch up on some sleep trying to book).

“The community at Navy Yard is truly second to none,” said Franz. “There’s something to be said about people who show up day in and day out to prioritize their health and wellbeing. I’m big on routine, so I typically take the same class times (6 am crew shoutout!), and it’s been so much fun to see the people I actively take class with reach new heights.”

Prioritizing fitness and wellness is nothing new to Franz, but it took trying out other group fitness classes to figure out that [solidcore] was the high-intensity, low-impact workout she was looking for. 

“I’ve tried pretty much every group fitness class under the sun, but [solidcore] is the one workout that has completely transformed my life. Maybe it’s the coaches telling me I’m strong enough to stay on toes for 20 more seconds (spoiler alert: they’re right), or maybe it’s forgoing the break after seeing my neighbor push for the next rep. I have experienced so much growth mentally and physically throughout the last year and a half.”

don’t miss out on the excitement: join us at the new [solidcore] Navy Yard dual studio

The new and improved Navy Yard studio will officially reopen on April 27th, and classes for both spaces are available to book now. On the schedule, the class name will list “studio 1” or “studio 2” when trying to book (for example, “studio 1 | center glutes & chest”).

If you’re looking to become a Navy Yard [solidcore] member, now is the time. Reminder that members get 24 early access to the schedule on the 24th of each month, so become a member today to unlock all the exclusive perks. Along with early access to the schedule, members also receive discounts at their favorite premium brands, bring a buddy pass, late cancel fee waived, and more.