From April 14th until April 20th, [solidcore] will be celebrating coach appreciation week. Our coaches are at the core of everything we do – and now it’s time to show them some extra love and support. Check out everything we are doing for coach appreciation week and read some inspiring coach + client testimonials.

From in-person thank you cards to social media stickers, there are plenty of ways to say thanks for the support and shakes. Be sure to book a spot in class during the week to celebrate with your favorite coaches in the studio.

what’s going on under the blue lights

During coach appreciation week, thank you cards will be available at each studio to write a message of gratitude for your favorite coach(es). These post-it notes will be showcased at each studio on a “wall of gratitude” to highlight all the amazing love and support from the [community]. 

Thank you cards will be available at each studio to give gratitude to your favorite coach or coaches. When you’re done, feel free to hand them to your coach or add them to the wall of gratitude for everyone to see.

Keep an eye out for some special mirror clings to get the perfect blue light selfie with your coach! If you search “solidcore coach” on Instagram gifs, you can add some fun stickers to your story, too.

Check out the new mirror clings to snag a selfie with your favorite coach(es). On Instagram or TikTok, you can search “solidcore coach” on the gifs or stickers feature to post your masterpiece for the world to see!

taking [community] to another level: friendships that’ll last a lifetime

From family class outings or new friendships that have blossomed under the blue lights, the connection between our coaches and clients is unmatched. Hear from just a few of our hundreds of coach & client testimonials, and don’t forget to thank your coach for all the energy and love they bring to each and every class.

nathalie + coach kristina – with you, any-spring is possible

There’s something special about feeding off of the energy of everyone around you in a [solidcore] class, and in May of 2023, Nathalie V. noticed her neighbor giving it her all in class. 

“(Kristina) was taking the same class as I was, and I could hear her wooing and enjoying the class as much as I was,” said Nathalie. “I admired her energy and I could feel it across the room. Then, I learned she was interested in coaching, so I knew right away that I had to take her class when she started. I took one of her coach-in-training classes and the rest is history.”

Coach Kristina poses with Nathalie outside of their [solidcore] studio. The two met back when Kristina was a client and training to be a coach, and they’ve been inseparable ever since.
First impressions go a long way, and even after 500+ classes coached, Coach Kristina still remembers the moment she met Nathalie. 

“Starting as a new coach in any studio can be tough because clients don’t know who you are yet, but the way Nathalie was so excited to take my coach-in-training classes helped me feel so welcomed into the East Liberty [community],” said Coach Kristina. “I will never forget what she said to me right after she took my coach-in-training class for the first time: ‘I already know you are going to be that coach.’ Her words made a lasting impression on me as I continued to develop into a [solidcore] coach.”

Since those coach-in-training classes, this duo has been inseparable. From Coach Kristina’s self-love Saturday-themed classes to celebrating Nathalie’s milestones under the blue lights, they feed off of one another’s energy and passion for pushing themselves further than they ever imagined. Nathalie even made it a goal to perform a Devil’s Ladder on her toes from the gray side – a goal that Coach Kristina supported by continuously cueing it in class to allow Nathalie to grow in strength. 

“Kristina as a coach is more than anyone could ask for. She is energetic, motivational, funny, inspiring, and most importantly – she is always there for you,” said Nathalie. “She encourages me every time I take her class to do more, and without her, I wouldn’t be seeing as much progress as I have. When I take her class, I feel empowered, and that’s all I can ask for.”

lauren + coach amanda – blue light besties

Who says pushing your body to the limit can’t be fun? Certainly not Coach Amanda and Lauren, who often find themselves giggling through class. 

Blue light besties Coach Amanda and Lauren R. pose after a [solidcore] class in an elevated side plank on our reformer machine, [sweatlana].
“Coach Amanda was born to be on the mic,” said Lauren R. “She has this amazing ability to cue an intensely challenging class while weaving in-jokes to break the tension. When I first started taking Amanda’s classes, I would just laugh whenever she cued something I thought to be impossible.”

The antics of Coach Amanda go further than just the jokes – she knows how to push her clients and help them get the most out of their time in class. One second she’s making a joke over the mic, the next she’s handing you a dumbbell because she knows you can handle it. 

The motivation goes both ways for Coach Amanda. She credits Lauren’s dedication to form and slow movements as inspiration for her to continue to push herself as a coach. 

“On a personal level, Lauren motivates me to be more self-confident,” said Coach Amanda. “I cannot say enough words about how much I admire the way she is able to be confident yet humble at the same time. In a world that is constantly encouraging you to compare yourself to others, she manages to stay true to herself and literally live her best life.”

Milestones are better celebrated together! Lauren celebrated her 100th class with Coach Amanda.

“How often does a coach at any fitness studio make you belly laugh to the point where you have to stop an exercise?,” asked Lauren. “When I started, I was finally trying [solidcore], a place that intimidated me for so long, and I was there with someone who reminds me not to take everything so seriously. We can get a killer workout AND have fun. They aren’t mutually exclusive.”

scott and elaine + coach presley – taking family bonding to a whole new level

When Scott G. wears a shirt to the East Liberty [solidcore] studio that has a baby photo on it and the words “Daddy’s Lil Girl,” it’s more than just an old t-shirt he’s thrown on. If you look closely enough, you can try and find the resemblance between the baby on his shirt and the coach on the mic. Senior Master Coach Presley has coached over 1,700 classes under the blue lights, but her parents were there from the very beginning of her journey as a coach. 

Scott G. poses with his daughter, Senior Master Coach Presley, after a [solicore] class. Both Presley’s mom and dad try to take at least 3 or 4 of her classes each week.
“Before the studio opened, I let (my parents) in to see the machines, and I’m pretty sure they were intimidated by the look of [sweatlana],” said SMC Presley. “Nevertheless, my dad tried [solidcore] as soon as I became a coach-in-training. It definitely humbled him quickly – he told me it was the most challenging workout he’d ever done — I still remember him telling me ‘your mother is not ready for this.’ But, eventually, within a few months, my mom got into the studio and fell in love with the workout and community as well.”

Now, the Gedman parents have over 600 classes each and are celebrities at their studio. They welcome new clients in and make an effort to introduce themselves, all while cheering on other clients during their milestones and accomplishments. They try to take at least 3 or 4 of Coach Presley’s classes each week.

“Presley is motivational and engaging to every client,” said Elaine, Presley’s mom. “She creates and fosters a community because she truly cares about each and every person. Her preparation, smooth delivery, music, and sequencing make every class very effective and enjoyable. We are extremely proud of our daughter Presley and are often amazed by her confidence, enthusiasm, and talent.”

Elaine G. poses with her daughter, Senior Master Coach Presley, after hitting a major milestone at [solidcore]. Over the last 5 years, Elaine and her husband have taken over 600 classes each.
Elaine G. poses with her daughter, Senior Master Coach Presley, after hitting a major milestone at [solidcore]. Over the last 5 years, Elaine and her husband have taken over 600 classes each.

see you under the blue lights!

Whether it’s a custom thank you card or simply giving your coach a high-five after class, be sure to pop into your studio this week to celebrate our coaches. Check out your local studio’s schedule to book class this week, and show some extra love for your [solidcore] coaches.