first-time jitters

When Dean Chappelle’s daughters brought up the idea of going to a [solidcore] class together as a family to him, to say he was hesitant would be an understatement.

Interviewer: Dean – when Kristina and Anna first came to you and said, “hey you should come to [solidcore] with us,” what were your first thoughts?

Dean: “I would definitely say I had some reservations initially. I mean, I was going to the gym often to workout. I had developed a pretty good routine. I knew what I was going to do at the gym everyday – Christian and I actually worked out together at the gym and Anna, too. We had developed this routine and structured our week around it.

When she brought up the idea of [solidcore], I had no idea what it was. I had never done a Pilates class or anything on a machine like that, especially with a coach who was hands-on there the entire time.

The first time I was in the class, I was just trying to figure out how to keep up. I kept my focus on trying to pay attention to what move we were on and what was coming up.

I was pretty wiped after that first class. I’m sure I took a nap or something.”

Interviewer: And what brought you back again?

Dean: “For me, it was being in the room with everyone who is cheering you on. The coaches, being able to be there with my family – it allows us to connect in a new way. Instead of going to the gym, now we go to [solidcore] together and actually are more competitive with one another.”

The Chappelle family tries to align their family schedules so they can attend [solidcore] classes together. [solidcore] differs from other Pilates or core Pilates classes because of the specialty muscle groups targeted in class and the rotating muscle focus.
Interviewer: Oh, are you all competitive with one another at [solidcore]?

Dean: “Yeah, I’d say we get pretty competitive.”

Kristina: “Don’t listen to him. We’re not pretty competitive, we’re extremely competitive.”

taking family competition to the next level

Because of [solidcore]’s one-of-a-kind machine, resistance and tension are used to help break the muscles down to the second degree of muscle failure. Spring loads are based on class count and help ensure that everyone reaches their desired level of muscle failure. The targeted strength sessions include a high-intensity core workout and expert-led coach instruction.

The spring loads and resistance-based training allows for the Chappelle family to check in with one another, and occasionally hold each other accountable.

Interviewer: So when you say extremely competitive, what exactly does that look like?

Dean: “If we were to go to the gym, I’d be able to lift more weight than my daughters. But at [solidcore], we are each around the same levels and spring loads, so that means competition gets real, quick.”

Kristina: “We are constantly looking over at each other’s machines and if one person in the family puts on a gray and a white, you better believe everyone is putting on a gray and a white.”

Anna: “That, or, we’re sneaking on springs to each other’s machines.”

Interviewer: I’m sorry…sneaking springs on?

Kristina: “Oh, yeah. At any opportunity we get. I’ll glance over and go ‘hmmmm, one gray on hamstring day? Yeah right. Here’s a gray and a white.’ It’s one giant competition for the entire 50 minutes.”


The Chappelle family often challenge one another under the blue lights, adding on springs or encouraging one another to take amplifications. [solidcore] is a specialty curated workout that offers amplifications and modifications for each exercise to help clients build up muscle strength throughout the group fitness class

Friendly competition aside, the Chappelle clan aligns their schedules so they can workout together as much as possible. Kristina first started with [solidcore] in October 2019, after which she introduced her sister, Anna, to the high-intensity, low-impact nature of the workout. Kristina goes on average 5-6 times a week and Anna 3-4. They sit down with their dad early in the week to schedule times to go as a family.

For Dean, it’s more than just the family aspect that draws him back to the blue lights – it’s the low-impact exercises that help him feel the strongest version of himself. 

a high-intensity, low-impact workout that works

Interviewer: Why does [solidcore] work for you?

Dean: “It’s just a great overall workout. There are just so many benefits; I’ve gotten back flexibility I haven’t had in years. Also, I haven’t had any lower back issues since coming to [solidcore]. At the gym, there was always the risk of throwing out my back trying new things, or overexerting. With the slow and controlled movements that are low impact, I really don’t have to worry about that as much.”

While the Chappelle family may not agree on how many springs the other person should have on, they all agree on one thing: their first class was quite the challenge. But, they all came back for that second class knowing there was no other workout out there that was a targeted strength session like [solidcore].

Interviewer: What do you recall about your very first [solidcore] class?

Anna: “I was definitely lost my first class. I was looking around, trying to see what everyone around me was doing.” 

Kristina: “To be honest, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to come back for a second class after my first. But once I came back for the second, then I went for a third, and the rest is history.”

Dean: “I tell everyone just to give it a shot. If nothing else, come out and just try a few classes to see how it goes. No matter what age you are, it’s just a really good workout where you walk away feeling really good about yourself. It’s the only exercise I do now, and it truly is amazing.”

Kristina: “I want to add, too, that anyone can do it. Whether you are a constant gym goer, professional athlete, or someone who doesn’t really workout much. There’s amplifications and modifications that are offered to cater the workout to everyone at their physical levels. It’s just such a good workout, and I can’t say enough good things about it.”

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