what is [solidcore]?

[solidcore] is a high-intensity, low-impact full-body workout on a pilates-inspired reformer. With the lights down and music up, you'll find a stronger version of yourself by the first song change. Our core workout utilizes slow and controlled movements scientifically designed to break down muscles [to failure] so they build back stronger. Try our 50-minute immersive experience for results you can see [and feel] immediately.

six people stretching on reformers in solidcore studio

membership perks

Take advantage of incredible, complimentary perks with a [solidcore] monthly membership. Enjoy early access to the schedule, available 24 hours before its release to the public, discounted retail, and the ability to bring a friend free* once a month with any of our membership levels. Or, become an unlimited member and gain access to these and even more perks.

three frames of solidcore app on iphone screen

download the [solidcore] app

Stay connected with [solidcore] by downloading our app from the App Store or Google Play. Simply log in with your [solidcore] account information to easily book classes, buy a membership, class packages, or a single class, and view the schedule. Plus, get notified of special challenges and promotions.

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