all the [solidcore] you want, and more

Join the Equinox+ membership app for $39.99/month, and access a growing library of classes all on the Equinox+ app—including [solidcore] on-demand classes with all of your favorite instructors, music, and moves, plus access to SoulCycle, Equinox, Pure Yoga, Precision Run, Rumble, and more.

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classes for any time constraint

Whether you have 10 minutes to get a quick workout in, or 60 minutes to get in a full-body sweat sesh, we have the perfect class for you! [solidcore] on Equinox+ offers a wide range of classes that vary by length, muscle focus and experience level.

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recreating your favorite moves at home

Experience the same moves in the studio and at-home! For the best at-home experience, we recommend a pair of gliders, a set of light or medium weights, and a mat. Some classes require no equipment at all, so all you need is your strongest piece of equipment - you!

deck out your at-home studio