kyleigh m.


About me: I thought interval workouts on the track were the hardest thing you could put your body through, but [solidcore] challenged me in a completely different way. I get to push my limits and I love this low-impact approach to give my knees a break after years of competitive running. Originally from Hawai’i, here to make sure your abs/core get some aloha spirit.

Music I love right now: Dua Lipa, Koffee, 90s remixes, and songs you play after class not during: Remi Wolf, 070 Shake, Diana Gordon

Guilty Pleasure: Reality TV and recap podcasts

Superpower: Bringing plants back from the dead

Inner Rockstar: Drake meets Abigail Adams

Favorite [solidcore] move to give you the shakes: Bungee hamstring curls

"hold on to those little shakes!!"

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