laur h.


About me: I was a high jumper for ten years, and the pursuit of quarter-inch PRs taught me that incremental improvement can lead to big results. Friends describe me as “bossy but nice” which pretty much sums up my coaching style: I’m intense but encouraging, and serve up a tough class that includes lots of form talk, weird-but-effective analogies, and carriage lunges at every possible opportunity. (Hamstrings are my love language. You have been warned.) I work hard to keep things accessible and fun, while getting you to work smarter and exit your comfort zone.

Music I love right now:  Calling my playlists “all over the place” is an understatement. Expect some indie pop, some good beats, and at least one cringe-but-good throwback.

Guilty pleasure:  A box of Cheez-Its and an episode (or three) of Survivor.

Superpower:  Over-caffeinating and still being able to sleep at night.

Inner Rockstar: Some days it’s Hermione Granger, and others it’s Alexis Rose.

Favorite move to give you the shakes:  Inner thighs off the cable side

"no one else can do the work for you.”

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