Mandi Karpowich

Recruiting Manager

Mandi is a Recruiter for [solidcore]. She acts as a [solidcore] ambassador while recruiting talent for new and existing studios. As a single mom of two boys in a new town, she was in search of a supportive community and a workout that could help her embrace all that she was capable of. That eventually led her to explore the sprint Triathlon and cycling communities. After 5 years of teaching indoor cycling and facing a few injuries, she had heard about [solidcore] and was immediately addicted to the intensity and results of the workout. This was it! Her love for fitness and a desire to inspire others fueled her to leave her full-time job in finance and pursue a job in fitness full-time. In February 2019 knowing first hand how transformational [solidcore] can be she became a Studio Manager for the first Richmond, VA studio. During that time she discovered there was also an incredible amount of support and positive energy in [solidcore] 's coaching and leadership community, and she wanted to be more involved in sharing that story. In October 2019 she joined the Recruiting Team. Outside of work you can find her traveling with her family, on a food tour or shopping for wine & cheese.

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