The blue lights are calling your name. audition to be a coach at our studios in NoVA West!
Friday 5/10:  6:30 p.m EST
Saturday 5/11: 2:30 p.m EST
*Each audition slot is 1.5 hours long

where? 7911 Westpark Drive Suite A Tysons, VA 22102

what to expect

Come dressed and ready to sweat through a 10-minute core sequence, similar to our in-class core warmup. Your 2-minute audition, a group interview, and an info session will follow the core session. You can expect the entire process to take 1-2 hours.

you will be scored on the following skills


Motivation – verbally shares positive, inspiring, and encouraging language

Presence – ability to command the room fill the space by speaking 90% of the time, exude confidence, make eye contact, use facial expressions and animated gestures, provide demos, use names


Form- articulates cues clearly that are descriptive and instructional regarding body placement and movement, explains the importance of proper body placement and movement as it relates to safety

**imagine there was not a visual; could the person watching your audition still follow your cues?

Support – explains and offers modifications and/or amplifications for all levels


Clear – articulate, descriptive, and explanatory, utilizes specific goal-directed, task-oriented phrases

Voice inflection – sets the tone for the class with varied tonal inflection following the peaks and valleys of the intensity of the class, uses animated cues (varies between intensity, volume, and pace)

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