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About me:

Hi, my name is Bianca and I am currently a medical student at VCU who moved from Michigan down to Richmond on my way to becoming a doctor! I grew up playing tennis competitively from the age of 12 and into college so being active and having a healthy lifestyle has always been really important to me. The moment I started [solidcore] I knew this would be my forever home.

Favorite [solidcore] exercise:

Romanian deadlift 🙂

Guilty Pleasure:

I am the biggest ice cream fanatic (so if you have any recs or flavors please let me know). I. also love T=trash reality shows, they are always playing on repeat in my living room.

Outside of [solidcore] you can find me:

mainly at the Hospital and Library, with the occasional farmer’s market on the weekends 🙂

Zodiac Sign:


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