bryan m.


About me:   I discovered [solidcore] back in 2014 at the urging of a friend who promised that the workout would absolutely kick my butt. He was right…but I also couldn’t resist coming back and pushing myself to my physical and mental limits. I love the idea of providing that same challenge to the clients who take my class. A reformed band nerd and a musician at heart, I try to incorporate a fun mix of music in each of my classes to keep my clients motivated and focused while they’re sweating under the blue lights!

Music I love right now:   All things Beyonce

Guilty pleasure:  Late-night Chinese food

Superpower:  Flying!

Inner Rockstar:  Beyonce

Favorite move to give you the shakes:  Crossover Lunge

"you might be alone on your [sweatlana] but this is a team sport - inspire yourself and your neighbor!"